Vienna 2013


As opposed to Paris, Vienna has never been on my list cities that I would like to visit.

When I was going to Vienna I didn’t feel excited as accompanied me in travel to Paris. However when I was crossing the city line, I understood how much I was mistaken. At the first while I felt like in different era. In Vienna architecture we can find buildings which represent all the main thing architectural styles start from St. Reprechta romanesque church, St. Stephen gothic cathedral, St. Charles baroque church, classical parliament through to modern buildings. This is a centre of European culture, except many museums, theatres, castles, palaces, art galleries there is also a famous Vienna opera house and philharmonic hall. I was impressed of this city, all the time I was founding new and most beautiful buildings and I wanted more and more. Vienna is the city of the top quality life in the world. Testify to for example: many exclusive boutiques with expensive clothes, jewellery shops, modern restaurants, pubs, newest cars models and thousands tourists who visit Vienna all year round.

I like sweets so in Vienna cuisine captivate me Sachera cake (very sweet chocolate cake witch apricot preserve and chocolate glaze) serving in Sachera hotel café and apple strudel (roulade with apples serving in warm with vanilla sauce). Vienna delicacy also are pork sausages so-called “FRANKFURTERKI” selling in street box – I tasted it and I don’t recommend.

Parting with this city was difficult for me. Owing to conserving Vienna architectural, time which I spent in this place gave me a chance to move in the far away past for a while.