India 2016


My trip to India I include the most spontaneous in my whole life. I never thought that I dare on adventure like this. My good friend lives in Delhi and invited me for her wedding. I couldn’t say no her, and the next day I bought the tickets, and I made an application for a tourist visa. After a month I was in India. March is ideal time for a holiday trip to sunny countries when in Poland is gray and cold.
My travel to India passed quietly, but with some surprises. At the beginning my bus didn’t stop at the bus stop and I had to wait for the next with the idea that I’m late for a plane. At the airport my friend who was travelling with me had a problem with a visa for India. At the end when we were enjoying the white wine we almost late for the plane. The rest of the journey passed without major problems.

From all my long journeys I always remember my first impression when I’m already in the place, soaking up everything new that surrounds me. India has always been my dream, but also aroused in me fear and anxiety. I’ve heard a lot, saw on TV and read in books, but the picture that I saw for myself magnified everything to the maximum. Delhi welcomed us with full sun, hot air and the typical smell of the countries of the Far East, which I know from Thailand. Unfortunately, all this charm was stolen of the omnipresent dirt, which appeared to us from all sides, on every street, in every possible corner. I’ve never seen such a quantity of garbage on the street, and I wanted to take the same bag and start cleaning. Traffic in Delhi is governed by the sound of the horn and the number of belts is created by drivers who can pack all their belongings or family on his scooter. You can’t forget about the cows, which dominated on the road freely relaxing during peak traffic. It is difficult to describe in words you must see it.

The wedding of my friend was on the next day. From early morning the women of the family went to beauty salon to prepare themselves for the ceremony. Together with other men I went for a massage and for a haircut. In the evening held a traditional wedding. The bride and the bridegroom looked amazing, like a fairy tale and my friend looked like a real Indian princess. However, the greatest experience for me was the participation in the main wedding ceremony, where I took an active part. For me it was something special and I’m glad that I could experience it.

The next day we went to Rishikesh – the capital of the world of yoga, the place where finally I found clean and nice. The whole area was covered with greenery and awesome flowers. Our morning we started with yoga breathing. It was hard to get up at 5 in the morning, but it was worth it. Then we drove up into the mountains where the Ganges is still clean as a whistle and the views are breathtaking. The surprise for us was that during our stays in India we had the pleasure to participate in the Holi – festival of colors. We bought colored powders and we had real fun showering each other.

The last day we devoted to visiting Delhi and shopping. On the day of departure at the airport we found out that our flight was canceled. We were all devastated by this situation but the humor quickly returned to us when we were taken to a luxury hotel. Traveling passed quickly and without major complications.