Prague 2021


For a long time I had been preparing to go to my southern neighbors and finally managed to get to Prague. The city is very congested and there are no parking spaces for tourists – I don’t recommend traveling by car. We arrived to Prague in the evening. Hungry, we went to the old town square to a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner and of course a beer tasting.
We started our sightseeing the next day with a walk across the Charles Bridge, which is the most characteristic place in Prague. The medieval bridge is situated on the Wełtawa River and is always filled with crowds of tourists. There are 30 baroque sculptures on the bridge showing saints and patrons. Then we went to the tower of the Old Town Hall where the famous astronomical clock is located. The main point of our walk was the National Museum, which is located in the center of the city on Wenceslas Square. The interior is breathtaking through richly decorated interiors, gilding, sculptures and pillars.
The next day we went to Prague Castle. Once the seat of kings, today the seat of the President of the Czech Republic. Over the castle there is a gothic cathedral of St. Vitus, which can be admired from the Charles Bridge. Being in the castle area, you can found the legendary golden street, consisting of a row of tiny, colorful houses, once inhabited by artists and traders. Today there are souvenir shops, galleries and exhibitions.
The richness of architecture, intriguing history and culture create a unique atmosphere during long walks through the narrow streets of Prague. I’m infatuated with the city and can’t wait for my next trip to Prague because I still have a lot of places to see!