Thailand 2014


The best solution for people who do not like winter is to travel to warm countries. I belong to a group of people who love hot climates, so I went to Thailand in March . At the airport in Bangkok’s tropical weather welcomed me. It was something incredible, felt hot summer in the middle of winter. When I was riding a taxi to the hotel my attention drawn portraits of the king and the royal family
positioned at each street. King of Thailand for residents is not only the king but God. After checking into the hotel, I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I don’t know how to call it, but it was ecstasy experience for the eyes and smell. I’ve never seen so many delectable looking and smelling dishes directly on the street, prepared on the spot with fresh produce by local residents. I could not tear my eyes from the many stalls with souvenirs, clothes and food. I was very hungry so I did not neglect to make the first purchase and it turned out that all these goodies are very cheap, almost like for free. Next day I was spending exploring the Buddhist temples, but before that I bought a breathable long pants – “harem” to be able to go inside the temples (at most of the temples you have to have your whole body covered) .

During my stay in Bangkok I regularly went for massages . It was a pleasure that I could not deny myself . Culinary discovery for me were the shrimp, the flavor captured my heart . Fresh, perfectly seasoned and CHEAP! One day I went on a boat trip along the Menam River. Bangkok seen from the water is an amazing blend of modernity
and poverty. The views during the trip were amazing. Scenery very Thai
and exotic.

The next point of my trip was a day trip to Ayuthaya. Unfortunately, in 1767 the city was destroyed and burned. Between the impressive ruins of the city of temples still looms spirit of its former glory Thailand. What impressed me the head of the Buddha statues fixed on the root of the tree.

The next stop in Thailand was a two-day trip to Phi Phi Island. Sailed to the island by boat. During the two-hour cruise I admiring the beautiful views of the rocks protruding from the Andaman Sea. When we reached the shore, I could not believe that I’m in such an exotic place. Paradise, who always seemed to me so inaccessible, now stood before me bore. Phi Phi Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Gorgeous beach, azure water, palm trees, amazing views and I on a deckchair. Dreams come true!

During the last day I decided to commemorate my stay in Thailand doing a tattoo of the head of the figure of the Buddha.