Roma 2019


Finally, the time has come for Rome. Since antiquity, Rome has been known as the “eternal city” and also the “capital of the world”. We arrived to the Italian capital in the evening and went straight to sightseeing the city. In the foreground, the Basilica of St. Peter. Strangely, we managed to avoid the giant queues to enter. Basilica of St. Peter is breathtaking, it is enormous, beautifully lit and richly decorated with marbles, gold and works of art. A little disappointment was St. Peter’s Square, who seems to be much bigger on TV. Late in the evening, we walked along the Tiber River, admiring the architecture of Rome and numerous bridges.

The next day we focused on visiting the most important monuments of Rome. Castle of St. The Angel and the Fountain di Trevi – the most famous baroque fountain in Rome, crowded every day by thousands of tourists. Pantheon – a temple dedicated to all the gods of the world. Spanish Steps – the longest and widest stairs in Europe, where fashion shows are often held. Near there is a famous street with branded shops including my Chanel. Finally, the Venetian Square and the Monument of Victor Emmanuel on horseback and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier containing the ashes of those who died in the First World War in defense of Italy.

The last day we went to the Vatican Museum. We woke up early in the morning to avoid queuing. The Vatican Museum makes an impression through magnificent collections of paintings, figures and sculptures. Another important point of the trip is Colossus, which has recently been announced one of the seven new wonders of the world. Every year, on Good Friday, there are paths of the cross under the leadership of the Pope.

Rome is a very compact city, everywhere we got on foot and never got lost. Italian kitchen is delicious and inexpensive. The weather is perfect like on February. Italians very nice and always smiling. Will I come back to Rome? Yes of course!