Greece – Rodos 2020

Greece – Rhodes

2020 year is bad surprise for most of us. It is a big blow for people who are passionate about traveling. A few months of isolation in the country gave us many reasons to think about what will happen next. After the borders were opened, most of Polish people spent their holidays by the crowded sea or in the mountains. My holiday period was in the middle of September, and as I am a fan of tropical climate, I decided to go abroad. I didn’t have much choice, so I returned again to Greece, this time to the island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea.

After two days of lazing time on the beach, we went by boat to probably the most popular tourist destination – Lindos. A monumental acropolis with the ruins of the Temple of Athena rises above the city. The labyrinth of narrow streets invites you to stroll and look for a cozy restaurant with delicious
Greek cuisine, sandy beaches and crystal clear water for bathing. I highly recommend Lindos to tourists visiting Rhodes.

The next day we went to Symi. It is a small island where time seems to flow slower. This place is famous primarily for its traditional architecture and beautiful churches and monasteries. Tourists who visit the island of Symi find here peace and the quintessence of Greek culture hidden in the
walls of colorful houses and regional products.

During this trip, I persuaded my friends to admire the sunrise. Amazing view when another beautiful
day is born.