Paris 2012

My favourite fashion city – Paris

Paris has always been on my list of cities that I would like to visit.

When I was for a first time in Paris, I already knew that I feel like at my home in this city as if I lived in for the past few years. I stayed in a hotel near famous Moulin Rouge which looked gorgeous but only at night. I was in Paris only for 3 days but this days were longest in all my life in the best sense of the word. Short time of my first visit in Paris I spent to sightseeing city. I had a plan what I would like to see at first.

My favourite place in Paris is Montmartre. This is an artist district. Montmartre is situated on the hill with amazing view for all Paris. At first evening I ate here delicious French supper: onion soup and crème brulee with a very nice French live music in the background. Montmartre is a perfect place to drink good coffee and watch people – watch their clothes, styles. I like this place because every day many people come here to meet friends – they are talking, eating French cheese witch baguette and drinking delicious red wine!

What did amaze me in Paris? Beautiful and well-groomed people. Parisians are very subtle and fashionable with taste. When I was walking on the Parisian streets I felt that I was in some perfumes salon! French perfumes are amazing!

My primary visit objective in Paris was seeing atelier Coco Chanel on the Rue Cambon 31. Coco Chanel was the best fashion designer in the world and she’s authority form me!

Paris is a capital of fashion world – you have to good looking here!!!

During this visit I knew – promised myself, that I will come back again here not ones!