Brussels 2022


Another European capital done! This time it is Brussels, which is the seat of the Belgian King, and is also the seat of the institutions of The European Union and NATO. 

The weather was good, so we immediately went for a walk around the city. Architecture, charming streets, the smell of perfumes of passing passers-by talking in French made me feel like in my Paris. 

One of the greatest attractions of Brussels is the Royal Palace. In additionjbil it is worth seeing the Cathedral of Saint Michael, the Church of Notre-Dame du Sablon and the City Park with the Triumphal Arch. 

On the second day we took the metro to see the Atomium which was built for the Expo in 1958. The 103-meter high iron crystal model consists of 9 steel spheres with a diameter of 18 m and 20 corridors connecting them. Supposedly the biggest attraction of Brussels, but it didn’t impress me. 

On the last day, it was raining since the morning, so we went to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which stores old and contemporary works of art, mainly paintings and sculptures. The huge main hall of the museum made the biggest impression on me.