Paris 2017


Paris is the one of the few places in the world for whom I have enormous affection and where I always like to come back. Getting ready for the trip, I was very excited by the fact that once again I will be able to spend a few days in my Paris. This time I decided to discover the places where I haven’t seen for the first time.

I arrived at the place in the late afternoon and immediately went for a walk on the winding streets of Montmartre, my favorite district of Paris. The lively restaurants filled to the brim with guests, romantically lit streets, smiling to each other pedestrians, elegant perfume in the air and many artists, painters in the throes of his work introduced me in a unique atmosphere. Evening ended in a nice restaurant where I was eating my favorite onion soup, enjoying a creme brulee and red wine.

The morning began with a cup of the best coffee with crousantem. The weather wasn’t the best so I booked the day on a tour of the Louvre, one of the largest art museums in the world, which was founded in 1793. This was the main point of my trip to Paris. Museum area and the amount of exposure made a huge impression on me. My favourite exhibition was The Ancient Greece and Rome, but the highlight was meeting face to face with the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The cherry on the cake was the Napoleon Apartment, which knocked me of elegance, splendor, the amount of wealth and ornaments.

The next day I decided to get the Eiffel Tower, which is considered the most famous architectural landmark of Paris. Evidence of this even though the many people selling towers in different size and color in every part of the city. After several hours standing in lines and passing several control I won the highest peak of Paris.

Traditionally, the last point of my stay in Paris was the visiting the Chanel boutique and purchase the latest fashion magazine “Vogue”.